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Lockdown is again extended. This means the situation in the country is not good, boredom till now becomes a problem. But so far it is only problem for us. How can anyone ask those who are in this battle lost their loved ones or admitted to the hospital yourself. Time to take care of yourself and also take care of your family. Fully understand and fulfill your responsibility. To keep yourself away from worries take a deep breath and do yoga like Anulom Vilom, Balasan, Vajrasana. Do not see profit and loss at this time it is a war of life and we have to win. I read somewhere ‘The larger the purpose ,the more problem it can handle . Do not forget the motto of your life and always remember what your goal is. Keep yourself healthy physically or mentally. A great thinker has said “ He is like a traffic controller in a large city who can alter the races but not the direction of progress”. read good books and read motivational self help books. Pray to your god that all goes well and corona is over soon. Avoid watching news as much as you can. You can not go to meet your loved ones so talk to them over the phone do not let them feel alone. You should not stay in the dark or low light for too long because it leads us to negativity. You only talk about positive things to yourself and to others. Give yourself only positive affirmations like

1. My physical and mental health is getting better everyday. 2. All are well in my family. 3. We have to win this battle.

Do not talk negatively to yourself even by mistake always remember. This war has won by us because if you have life, you have the world. Avoid watching sad and emotional movies. Watch funny and motivational movies. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Keep yourself as active as possible. Do at least 15 minutes of exercise so that the sweat comes out. If you are not able to do exercise to walk fastly inside the home only do not go out side the home. Keep your mind calm and do not get into any kind of debate neither on the phone nor with family. If you find a corona patient near your surroundings so be careful. But do not make them feel guilt by making their photo or video. They are entitled to your blessings not guilt. And pray to god for their quick recovery. THANK YOU

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